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The Power of Nonverbals

We’ve all heard, “it’s not what you said… it’s how you said it”. While true, nonverbal communication goes far beyond just tone of voice. Adapted from Jared Fujishin’s dissertation, The Power of Nonverbals covers the seven categorical ways we communicate nonverbally with others and looks at how to use each of the seven avenues to build meaningful connections with others.

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Leaders Who Listen

You do not learn anything new when you are the one talking. The temptation of leadership is to feel the pressure to always have the right answers, when in reality, the best leaders are those who make others feel heard, are quick to listen, and listen to learn, not just reply. This session focuses on why listening is one of the most important communication skills you can have, and how to do it well. 

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Trust Infused Cultures

Trust is the currency of relationships. Where trust thrives, you will find teams with increased productivity, retention, and high reports of workplace satisfaction because people are working in harmony with one another. Trust Infused Cultures explores how to assume positive intent when information is lacking, how to build genuine trust among colleagues and across teams, and inspire confidence from the top down.

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The Natural Speaker

Are people checking their phones when you’re talking? Feeling anxious at the thought of sharing in front of a large group or presenting to a committee? The Natural Speaker offers practical delivery techniques that increase interest and engagement, shares how to calm speaking nerves, and explores the psychology behind making memorable content.       

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