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Dr. Jared Fujishin

Jared is an award-winning lecturer, communication consultant, and PhD holder with a passion for helping leaders build meaningful connections through elevated communication skills. Since founding Fujishin Consulting, Jared has worked with numerous clients to enhance their leadership influence and connective communication skills. 

With years of experience, Fujishin knows what it takes to help leaders increase relational capital and rapport.
 His teaching, grounded in the latest research and communication literature, is synthesized and adapted for high-impact practicality. Moving beyond mere academic rhetoric, Jared desires to help leaders be "different by dinner", teaching concepts that can be put into practice the very day they are learned. 

While he loves his job and helping come alongside leaders to improve their cultures and themselves, Jared his primary and most important calling is being a loving husband to Sweet Aurora and a devoted father to Asher. 

Headshot of Dr. Jared Fujishin
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